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Fashion Trends: Fall-Winter 2017-2018

We always want to look stylish, not only in the summer but also on the gray and rainy days. Fortunately, this upcoming cold season offers many fashion trends and opportunities to manifest our individuality. This season is all about celebrating the individuality of style. So what`s new this season? Minimalist and restrained style, comfort and naturalness. However, according to stylists, cool weather is not a reason to look dull and depressing. 

Fashion trends for fall- winter 2017-2018`s are truly heading for more and more comfort; fashion is retaining its sense of fun, its color, and glamour and allows one to create an interesting look, enough to show a little imagination. Also among the upcoming autumn-winter trends it is possible to note the contrasting combination of textures such as fur and chiffon, leather and lace.

Fashion trends for fall-winter 2017-2018:

  • Velvet.
    It is so loved by designers, that almost all fashion designers present in their   collection luxurious velvet dresses, blouses, trousers and coats.


  • Cosy knits.
    They can be smooth and thin. Large and bulky braids. It’s knitting but not as your grandmother knows it. A modern twist where wool is broken down and reinterpreted in new ways: fringing, sometimes stretched out or infused.
  • Double denim. 
    Heading to the top of the trends list this season are total denim 1984,  luxury and impeccably tailored for everyday elegance.
  • Embroidery.
    In the autumn-winter season not only dresses, sweaters and blouses, but also outerwear: coats, bomber jackets are decorated with embroidery. Hit of the season embroidery on translucent textures combined with silver and gold.
  • Fur. 
    Fur symbolizes luxury and chic in the coming season. At once preppy and wild, mix of genres to stay warm. Coats, jackets from natural fur  predominantly black or white in combination with maroon, green, wine, mustard, terracotta, olive colors. With colored rainbows faux fur is also in style.
  • Shoulder pads.
    Long-forgotten shoulders pads are back. For now, it seems square shoulders are here to stay to create new forms of elegance and represent an exercise in style.


  • Padded jackets. 
    The designers have recreated a new style of puff jackets to the extreme with oversized quilted padding and chic comfy detailing .
  • Left undone.
    A left-unfinished effect is in style next winter. A surplus of materials and strings, unfinished hem bring a certain charm and chic to a look.


Fashionable colors and prints

According to designers, green in all aspects of the upcoming season will be the lead.Intense olive shade fits perfectly in military and  styles and beautifully combines with bright and flashy colors.

  • Desert Sage. 

    Restrained greenish hue with a noble gray midtone is  perfect in  combination with bright prints, such as animal, golden and brown,  gold and black.

  • Stormy weather. 

    Gray color is generally used for closing in business style and simple  clear cut dress. In contrast muddy gray-blue hue better to combine  with black, silver and white.

  • Metallic color and luster of dark shades. 

    Blouses, dresses, trousers of shiny fabrics look elegant and stylish.  The combination of metallic luster with leather, velvet, fur and silk  adds an image of glamor and charisma

  • Turquoise. 

    Never so prevalent luxury turquoise and Lucite green tones are totally modern while respecting the rules of elegance.It represents mainly in  evening gowns and fur pieces.It goes well with the pastel shades or darker.

  • Marsala. 

    Unique burgundy shade with warm brown mid tone is so fond of the  designers that they always include it in their collections. It looks great in outerwear,sweaters, knitwear, evening dresses, and of course accessories. Marsala color is best to combine with cream, red and red shades.

  • Violet orchid. 

    Lilac flower shade can make any image more charismatic.  it is  appropriate to wear this beautiful color and suitable for ladies with bright appearance. It goes well with pink, blue, white.

  • Reflecting Pond.

    Intense blue looks great in any presence; silk, lace, knitwear, giving the image of elegance and respectability. It successfully combines with red, brown, white and black.

  • Cashmere Rose. 

    Unusually feminine, sensual floral tone is used to create a soft gentle look. Wear it as a full piece or as a duet with bright vivid colors.

  • Cadmium Orange.

    It is a very positive color. It may seems too bold in the autumn-winter  period, but , nevertheless, it is very relevant. Combine it with black, beige. 

  • Oak Buff.

    Yellowish-brown hue extraordinarily positive . Bright but unobtrusive  color is the most advantageous to look in combination with contrasting tones like green and red.

  • Lame. 

    Sparkles, sequins in gold and silver shine brightly with a contemporary  energy and dazzling elegance, made all the more magnificent if to wear as a fuul look.

  • Polka dots.

     A simple and effective print, polka dots is all over this season. Stick to black and white.

  • Checks. 

    Following the 90s spirit, a geometric checked flannel to wear over a  leopard ok knit or alone as a top.

  • Leopard print. 

    Leopard print is always a touch on the wild side, stylish by day and  glamorous by night.


As you can see, preference is given to saturated colors this season. Powdery soft shades are gone, no melancholy and pessimism! 

The most popular prints will be the cage, strips, ethnics, abstraction, geometry, imitation patchwork technique. Leading is floral ornament presenting in the form of embroidery mostly.

Fashion shoes trends of autumn winter 2017-2018 years

All designers agreed that the shoes fall-winter season should be bright. Many designers presented shocking shiny boots and boots that looked a bit unusual, but very stylish; high, not less than 3’’, stable heel, or pin and platform also.

Boots and ankle boots are more delicate, feminine and elegant in this season. They have jewelry decorative element- laces, buckles, rhinestones. The most relevant are still animalistic: leopard,reptiles and zebra skin.

But remember , there is nothing cooler than sticking to a signature style you know looks good on you. Slaves to fashion are never chic, elegante and classic !

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